Dossier: Import / Deport: European Migration Regimes in Times of Crisis

What is the political rationale behind criminalizing migration when capitalism always needs a surplus labour force? In the run-up to the EU elections, this dossier explores the intensification of asylum laws in seven different European states and offers a materialist analysis of the instrumentalisation of migration debates today. More.

Dossier: “La France, dégage!” Africa’s long struggle against French Imperialism

To mark African Liberation Day (25 May), this dossier explores Africa’s long struggle against one of its greatest foes, French imperialism. Through various political, economic, and military mechanisms, France has been able to maintain a tight grip over its former African colonies while presenting itself as their benevolent big brother. The three contributions to this dossier examine previous and current attempts to break out of these relations of dependency and subordination. More.